Ristorante Il Celliere a Castagnoli - Ristoro in Chianti storico in Gaiole in Chianti

Restaurant "Il Celliere a Castagnoli" - Ristoro in Chianti storico a Gaiole in Chianti, is located in our hotel, at the heart of the ancient medieval fortress.

The management, which is handled by third parties according to strict quality criteria, reflects a great bond with tradition, while always leaving space for imaginative innovation.

Breakfast is organized here in the morning for guests of the hotel and the restaurant then opens during the hours of lunch and dinner.


If you stay in our village, as soon as you wake up the “Il Celliere” staff are ready to pamper you with hot freshly baked croissants, delicious cakes, homemade jams, fresh seasonal fruit and other hot dishes.


Once inside the fortress, you can immediately see the stairway leading to Il Celliere. After ascending the stairway, you enter a very elegant, sophisticated environment shrouded in the typical warmth of people who love running a restaurant.

As soon as you sit down, you are offered 5 types of warm homemade bread, accompanied by our Chianti Classico DOP Oil, a glass of Capraia Selection rosé and a new entrée chosen by the chef.

The menu is distinguished by its very high quality traditional products (qualified and certified suppliers are strictly selected) and by the skillful processing of raw materials in the kitchen.

At Il Celliere, you can find selections of cured meats and cheeses with truffles, as well as porcini mushrooms and meat, most notably steak Florentine and boar, which can all be paired with our wines, from Chianti Classico di Rocca e Capraia to the Poggio Reserve a’Frati and Stielle, Buriano and Pratola.

CONTACTS: TEL (+39) 0577731921 email: OPENING PERIOD: From April 1st to November 3rd