Estate Graffetta


Ispica (Ragusa) - Sicily


Sicily is a region rich in history, tradition and art.

Every area of Sicily testifies to a different historical period, which has resulted in different cultures and traditions, making this island a melting pot of beauty and diversity.

Graffetta is a stone’s throw from the municipality of Ispica, bordering Noto and Modica, the most authentic Sicilian baroque towns. Their architecture attests to the rebirth of Val di Noto following the terrible earthquake in 1697, which razed the area's main towns to the ground.

In 2004, we decided to intertwine the destinies of our group and this estate for two reasons. The first reason was a sentimental one: we were inspired by the love for our homeland and by the beauty and historical charm of the sites.

The second reason was more rational (entrepreneurial): we decided to bet on the outstanding quality of Sicily’s land and agricultural products.

Wine-growing culture in this south-eastern area of Sicily dates back to the traditions of the 18th-century, a period when the region was essentially a vast fiefdom of noble families that managed the region’s rural areas for long periods. 

Until a few decades ago, the difficult, laborious cultivation of Nero d’Avola was carried out manually with the help of mules to drain the land and to transport the wine barrels from the winery to the retailers.

The tradition of bottled wine, on the other hand, is a very recent chapter in history that we want to help to write, conscious of the enormous quality potential of these places and the products that derive from them.

A recently acquired Sicilian farm. The property, which includes 22 hectares of vineyard located 40 meters above sea level, located in the Ragusa area near Ispica, close to the road that leads from the village to Marina di Pozzallo by the sea. 

Powerful, concentrated wines. And a 16th-century beam that formerly belonged to the Count of Modica, like the rest of the property.