Soil Graffetta


Ispica (Ragusa) - Sicily


In the cradle of great grape varieties

The Poggio Graffetta area occupies the limestone foundations that form the base of the first Hyblaean Mountains. It is rocky, calcareous terrain, formed by the stratification of an ancient coral reef.


The climate is warm, dry and windy and the temperatures are mitigated by the proximity of the sea.

Grape varieties

The vines undergo long, constant ripening. The plants germinate early, driven by a sunny spring and an early summer. Then slow down in summer and the late vines mature in September. Thanks to these characteristics, the wines boast excellent properties in terms of alcohol, color and aroma.

Ispica, like the whole Val di Noto area, is the land of Nero d’Avola, the variety at the center of our production. It is a potent grape, full of bold flavors that result in a deep, traditional wine that boasts great elegance and nobility, reflecting the typical characteristics of Sicily.

Even international varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc and Petit Verdot have adapted well to this area, where, under the sunlight of the long summer, they completely lose their herbaceous side, fading into a pleasant tropical sweetness.

Grillo comes from vineyards located in the Segesta area, approx. 600m above sea level, terrain that is particularly suitable for wine cultivation thanks to its freshness and temperature range.