Soil Poggio Maestrino

Poggio Maestrino

Magliano (Grosseto) - Maremma



From the Poggio Maestrino/Spiaggiole vineyards, you can enjoy a truly unrivaled view of Isola del Giglio and Monte Argentario. All around, a typically Tuscan landscape, mainly hilly and dotted with olive trees and ancient farmhouses, alternates with inaccessible scrub and marine horizons that overlook the famous coast once inhabited by the Etruscans.


The Poggio Maestrino vineyards, planted in 2000, are situated on soil with an average rock content, with a very low limestone content, with a sandy-clayey texture, rather arid and infertile, a very suitable characteristic for vine cultivation. They are the first hills that you encounter when traveling from the sea towards the hinterland. Our vineyards therefore enjoy a unique microclimate: sun, warm temperatures and a salty sea breeze that ensure an always pleasant temperature range between day and night.

All our agronomic and oenological choices, from the choice of vineyards to the harvest, have just one goal: to produce a different, pleasant and fruity Morellino di Scansano, without invasive wood notes. A pleasantly unique product.

Poggio Maestrino/Spiaggiole embodies one of the happiest expressions of an area that has great viticultural and cultural potential in the strict sense.