Harvests Poggio Maestrino

Poggio Maestrino


The harvest in Morellino began in early September. Despite the absence of rain (storms) throughout the summer, the grapes were in good condition, with no signs of drying and excellent phenolic maturity. The yield of grapes per hectare was very low; given the vintage, we decided not to release the “Poggio Maestrino” selection.


The harvest began in the first week of September. The fairly warm climate typical of the Maremma and the lack of August rain resulted in an early harvest, which lasted for 20 days. The 2016 vintage is moderately alcoholic, with good acidity, but with immediate soft, silky tannins. Wines produced from the most-exposed, least-sloping plots have a higher alcohol content and lower acidity. The 2016 vintage appears to have excellent red fruit notes.


The harvest began on 3rd September and continued for the next 10 days. The seasonal trend involved a lack of rain, especially in the summer months; this led to a slowdown in the last stages of the vine cycle. The evidence of this is that the Morellino grapes were harvested at the same time as those of the Chianti companies. Sangiovese in the Poggio Maestrino area was harvested on Tuesday 8th September.


The harvest began on 8th September with the Spiaggiole grapes and ended on 24th September with the selections for Poggio Maestrino. All things considered, it was a normal harvest, with wine whose alcohol content is between 13 and 14 ABV. Alcoholic fermentation was completed in all the tanks and racking operations were also almost completed. The wines obtained are very fruity and flavorful.