Knowing how to choose

Every area is inimitable. We chose to look for land that is particularly suited to grape production.

Land that had distinctive features in terms of altitude, type of soil, vineyard characteristics, microclimate and unique sun exposure, guaranteeing its fruits’ superior quality. We have chosen to respect the history of the local area and the vineyards, enhancing the historicity of the native vines. Our wines are recognizable because we chose to take the land where they come from into consideration and to make the most of the opportunities it offers.

Products: listening to a wine

A wine becomes unique when it reflects the typical characteristics of the area and vineyard where it is produced, enhancing its own peculiar features, standing out from the crowd and not conforming to current trends. We choose to focus on expert, professional research: first in the vineyard, then in the cellar. Attention to quality results in great wines and an exciting tasting experience. “Touching the land, admiring the beauty of a vineyard, experiencing the harvest, recognizing the scent of a grape, tasting its typicality... We want to involve the public in a unique experience on our land.”