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The Wine Shop, located in Rocca di Castagnoli and managed by Alimenta, displays and sells the entire assortment of the excellent wines produced by Alimenta:  Rocca di Castagnoli, Castello di San Sano, Capraia, Poggio Maestrino and Poggio Graffetta. The catalogue also includes labels of memorable vintages like Poggio a’ Frati 1997, incomparable year in Chianti wine and prized examples of the highly awarded Stielle 2000, which can only be found here.
There is also a range of delicacies from the best local gastronomic tradition: sausages, dairy products, jams.

Rocca di Castagnoli
Alimenta in the historic Chianti area

Luxury, comfort, relaxing accommodation, excursions and guided tours both outside and inside the estate.


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Rocca di Castagnoli
Localitą Castagnoli - 53013 Gaiole in Chianti (SI)
tel. 0577 731004 - fax 0577 731050 | Wine Shop and Hospitality: tel. 0577 731909

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